Sunday, December 16, 2007

On Saturday night, I went to the X-Trail Jam which is a extreme sports event for snowboarders, at the Tokyo Dome. The Tokyo Dome is a huge arena in the middle of Tokyo. In the middle of the dome there was a huge slalom that ends with a quarterpipe (a jump where the rider takes off straight into the air and comes back down to the same place as they started) which gives them a lot of height(or air as the professionals call it). Snowboarders go down the slalom and try to do tricks like spinning round, in order to win the 11 million yen in prize money.

Famous snowboarders who turned up included American boarders Travis Rice and Finn Heikki Sorsa, plus Norwegian Terje Haakonsen. Everyone competed in what was called a quarterpipe jam session, where the snowboarders go down one after another and do whatever tricks they want to in order to get the most points, all in the space of twenty minutes.

Some of the moves and stunts were pretty amazing and looked very dangerous. There were lots of accidents and I think the danger of it all made it very entertaining for the crowd. I found myself joining in with the 'ooing' and the 'aaring' from the crowd whenever anything bad or exciting happened.

There were thousands of people there and there was a really great atmosphere. The biggest cheer of the night went to the Japanes boarder Rio Tahara, who took his top off and did some amazing stunts. Although he didn't come first, he did manage to win the prize for the highest air.

There were also some Japanese bands called Retro G-Style, Soul'd Out and Road Major.

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