Monday, October 29, 2007

Last Saturday night, I went for a couple of drinks after work to the bar next door. After this I went to Shinjiku to check out some of the nightlife. Once I finished checking out a couple of the bars I decided to go to a nightclub called the Liquid Room in Shinjuku.
I was expecting to pay 4000 yen on the door. They asked me if I knew one of the bands that was playing, so I told them that I did and then I had to pretend that I was on the guest list(this saved me a lot of money).

Once you get inside, you can't actually pay for your drinks over the bar. You have to queue up to buy tokens which you can then give to the barman to purchase your drinks. The club is very dark and dingy and it has a certain dirty feel to it. It wasn't the hi-tech, post-modern, dance utopia I was expecting. In fact it was a little bit goth/industrial/of a dive.

When I got there, they were playing a lot of British music like The Sex Pistols, Underworld and the Chemical Brothers. Then the band came on. The band wasn't really my cup of tea. Imagine someone shouting in your ear through a megaphone whilst on the runway(which is being repaired by roadwork men with pneumatic drills) at terminal 3, Heathrow Airport and planes are landing behind you. It was a bit loud, so I stayed for a few songs, a couple of G&Ts and then I left. Afterwards I checked out a couple of other clubs after getting some flyers, but they weren't really that good and they were also a bit dodgy, if you know what I mean.