Thursday, January 24, 2008

I've seen 'The Last Samurai' starring Tom Cruise and I enjoyed it immensely. In the film Tom Cruise plays plays an officer in the United States Army called Nathan Algren. At the beginning of the film he is a drunk, who is selling guns for a living, having just fought in the American Civil War. He then goes to Japan in order to help the Japanese government get rid of the samurai by training soldiers. This is because the Emperor wants to move the country into the modern world and as a result is faced with a samurai rebellion.

In a battle between the samurai and the Japanese troops that Nathan has trained, he becomes captured. It is here we then meet the leader of the samurai called Katsumoto, played by Ken Watanabe. Gradually they build up a friendship and as Nathan learns more respect for the culture and way of life, we gradually see him change his allegiance.

The performances from all the actors are very good, especially Ken Watanebe. There's plenty of action throughout and the fighting and battles are breathtaking. I was also surprised with how much respect the American filmakers have given to Japanese culture and the way of life.

If you liked 'Braveheart' and 'Gladiator' you'll definitely like this movie. Recommended.