Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On August the tenth I was thirty and I went out with some friends to a yakitori restaurant, which was then followed by lots of drinks and celebrating in my local bar, the Avion.

The festivities continued the next day when I went to a beach near Kamakura with my friends Mark, Miranda, Ippei, Stom, Lei, Hannah and Satoko and I'd like to thank everyone for a wonderful time.

There are are a number of reasons that I know I'm definitely getting a bit older.

Firstly, when I was at Summersonic, at times the music was a bit loud, in fact I've noticed music tends to be a bit loud wherever I go, although I haven't actually asked anyone to turn it down yet.

I've become a lot less fussy about the clothes I wear. When I was younger I would spend a lot more time choosing what I'm going to wear, wheareas now I just throw something on and I'm not really too bothered what it is.

I think Nora Jones is really good idea and I'm thinking about buying one of her albums.

I take afternoon naps wherever I can get them in. In fact, I'm quite looking forward to afternoon naps while listening to Nora Jones.

Hangovers last three days.

I refer to young people as 'kids' as you may have noticed in my previous post.

Fortunately I haven't had any sort of early thirties crisis yet(pre-midlife crisis), although it is probably only a matter of time. I've also realised I may never play football for England, as I'm probably too old.