Sunday, September 14, 2008

No Sex Strike

I've seen many strange things in Shibuya and on my final weekend in Japan I saw what is probably one of the strangest. The women in the above photo are all members of the Japanese Raelien Movement, attempting to spread the word of peace in a 'No Sex Strike'.

You might remember that the Raeliens received a lot of media coverage last year regarding their attempts at cloning, with their company Clonaid. They are a worldwide organisation with a membership of 60000 and the Japanese branch is the largest with 6000 members. They believe that all life on Earth was created created by extra terrestrials called the Elohim and in 1973 they contacted the leader of the organisation, who is called Rael. The Elohim gave him two conditions for their return. One is that an embassy be built to welcome them officially and two, is the attainment of world peace.

The women have decided to refuse all sexual contact with men who support violence to solve problems and wars. They believe this will that by refusing to have sex with men like this, they will be forced to change their ways. This will lead to world peace and ultimately allow the Elohim to return to Earth.

You can see the official website