Friday, March 06, 2009


I arrived at Heathrow at six o'clock giving me plenty of time to pick up my ticket and check in. Some people hate airports but I love them. It's the anticipation that I feel when I'm in one. Knowing that I'm going somewhere new but not really quite knowing what's going to happen or what I'm going to experience or see when I arrive at my destination.


The flight over wasn't too bad. Fortunately the plane wasn't full so I managed to have three seats all to myself, allowing me to at least get a good nights sleep in. It made a nice change from the usually cramped feeling that I have when flying.

Unfortunately my theory about not having jet lag because of my later departure from Heathrow hasn't proved to be correct. I still feel incredibly tired and everything feels a bit of a blur, as it probably will for the next week whilst I try and change my sleep pattern.

So it looks as if it's going to be another week of not knowing where I am or feeling part of the real world, until I finally readjust to the nine hour time difference. One bonus though is that at least this time I don't have the combination of jet lag and a hangover.