Friday, July 03, 2009

Here's a short film of the Admiral Yi Sun-shin Festival.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video. It is 5AM in Long Beach, California. I couldn't sleep. I've been up since 3A, I like the BBC site and they suggested your blog. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work and send more so when I can't sleep at 3AM, which is most nights I'll keep up with your adventures. I don't have a web page or blog

Anonymous said...

I linked to your blog from the BBC website. Really enjoyed the fotos and reading about your experiences. Keep up the good work.
I live and work in Switzerland but am originaly from Winchester, England.

Steve said...

Thanks I lot. I really appreciate the comments. Lots more videos planned and next year when I go back to Britain I'm going to stick on all the films I made in Japan. Then after that it's back to Japan for a few months and some more travelling around Asia. Hopefully after this I'll get to do The Silk Road, travelling through China, Central Asia and then through Europe.